Corinth Kindergarten Roundup 2021-2022

Corinth Community,

We are so excited to welcome you to Corinth and our learning community!  The presentation below goes over some general information that you will need to know as you prepare for kindergarten.  As you review the presentation you will hear me explain certain points, but I also understand that you may have questions.  You can either watch the presentation with my comments, or if you would rather just review the presentation you can do that as well.  On April 22nd  we are inviting all of you to visit our classrooms, meet  teachers, and tour the school.  This will be a great time for us to review any questions you may have after watching the presentation(s).  Hopefully you have signed up for a time and If not, you can click on the link below 

We are also able to provide our ASQ (Ages-Stages Questionnaire) surveys earlier this year, so below is the link to the two surveys below.  The ASQ surveys are used by the state and school to help us identify student strengths and also areas where we can help support our future Dragons.  There is more information below about what the ASQ is if you would like to learn more.  

We hope to make this experience as simple and quick for all of you, so we provided a To-Do List below.  As always please reach out to us if you have any questions.  

To Do List

*Complete online enrollment- LINK

*Watch Kindergarten Presentation with Principal Comments- LINK

  Or View Kindergarten Presentation without Principal Comments- LINK

*View short video from our school nurses- LINK

*View a video introducing our kindergarten teachers and specials teachers (this video is for students as well)- LINK     PASSWORD for Vimeo Video: 2021

*Make sure you signed up for a time to visit Corinth on April 22nd - LINK

*Make sure you signed up for an optional kindergarten screening- LINK

*Complete ASQ Surveys- LINK 

*Information about ASQ Surveys-  LINK